Open PHACTS: drug discovery

2019-01-25 | Dejan Petrovic

A new consortium of European organizations uniting to support the next generation of efforts to researches drugs, providing a single view across different data sources, bringing the Semantic Web in the study of drugs.


Open PHACTS ( is a consortium, funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative and to reduce barriers to drug discovery using semantic technology over the available resources, data, and creating open space pharmacological.


Currently, pharmaceutical companies invest considerable efforts and doubled the capacity for coordination and integration of internal information and public data sources. This process is largely incompatible with massive computer access and the vast majority of resources for finding drugs can not work together.


Open PHACTS (Open Pharmacological Concepts Triple Store) will hold / give a glance through the available data resources and will be free for users.

Scientific texts are difficult to analyze by computer. The system will have the factual allegations set aside as a semantic triplets, which was first given the opportunity of a query text and database together and put the results to the answers needed to identify new drug targets and pharmacological interactions. While the semantic approach is delivered to a small and targeted cases, so far, the promise of Multiscale data integration remains largely unfulfilled.


Open PHACTS is a large project, which includes many of the top experts in the Semantic Web, and who are committed to fulfill this promise.