Pel­let 2.2.2 Re­lease

2019-03-27 | Dejan Petrovic

Clark&Persia are happy to an­nounce the re­lease of Pel­let 2.2.2 which is avail­able for down­load at the usual lo­ca­tion.

They were also up­dat­ed the Pel­let Rea­son­er Plug-ins for Pro­tege 4.0 and 4.1 to use Pel­let 2.2.2. You should get a no­ti­fi­ca­tion next time you start Pro­tege.

A note for Pro­tege 4.1 users: you will only get the up­date, if you are using the most re­cent ver­sion of Pro­tege (i.e., 4.1 beta). We do not plan more Pel­let plu­g­in up­dates for older ver­sions of Pro­tege 4.1.