Sentiment Analysis

2019-01-25 | Dejan Petrovic


Automatic analysis of public opinion (analysis of the text) is a new emerging area, which coincides with many other businesses, such as business intelligence, customer services, management of brands, and appeared as a need to measure the market. They use many types of software for the analysis of public opinion, which use technology to analyze text, they get from social media, newspaper articles, internal documents and databases. The market for text analytics can only reach a value of 980 million dollars in 2014. year, starting from 500 million in 2011.

This technology allows almost anyone to analyze the sentiment of consumers regardless of any marketing campaign run by the company.

This market research can provide companies an insight into how a small group of consumers see a product at a time. Sentiment analysis is more like a continuous video recording.

Such a software package takes into account all the conversations about the product, and then searched and analyzed using statistical analysis and so-called natural language processing, and a system for the interpretation of written communication, even with the use of slang. Out to identify consumer sentiment and brand or famous personality, software to predict market behavior. Some brands may have money and if consumers have a negative disposition towards them (eg, Lady Gaga).

Communication with customers

Research the sentiment of consumers toward products and services are vital to improving the quality and satisfied customers (eg, sentiment hotel guests). Sources of data for analysis are numerous, from social networks, blogs, comments and e-mail and database instance- company's CRM system.

Pay attention

You should pay attention to accuracy issues in the sentiment analysis in order to avoid spam and other irrelevant information. It is also necessary to calibrate the tools for measuring mood and adjust over time and depending on the analysis and target groups.