Top 10 Semantic Web implementations in 2010.


Each year the independent web portal ReadWriteWeb selects 10 products or projects in several categories. We carry their top five choices for implementation in the field of Semantic Web in 2010. year. All the listed projects (implementations) had a major impact on the Internet in terms of innovation and growth in the number of users. These innovations are mainly grouped behind the brands and organizations such as Facebook, Google, Best Buy, the BBC and Data.gov.uk.


Certainly the biggest news and events in the field of Semantic Web happen in April, when Facebook introduced a new platfrmu and tools to work with their database Open Graph.
Open Graph tool allows website owners to easily integrate their Web pages in a social network.

Google Squared

Holy Grail of Web search technology is the ability to post simple questions in everyday language and get simple answers. In May, Google introduced the Google Squared in addition to receiving the results of web search. This functionality was added to the traditional search results in 2 ways.
The first in the answers to simple questions were added via button Show Sources, which shows us how Google came to the answer.
The other is content with the hand that offers a list of possible related searches kji may be in the domain of our interest, which were obtained using our keyword search

Best Buy

Leading U.S. online retailers Best Buy is another large corporation, following the trends this year and introduced a significant improvement using semantic technologies in terms of visibility and ease of access of goods and services by the buyer. Specifically introduced in the data store name, address, hours, and GEO data (location) using semantic languages RDF, so that their browser is now able to easily identify the data and to be placed in proper context search.


In January, Data.gov.uk has launched a service that allows public data which has a government that available to developers. This service has increased rapidly in contrast to the previously launched U.S. services, so they are now available for 4600 data sets.
This is certainly a remarkable example of how public information held by government can be made useful.

BBC World Cup website

The biggest sporting event this year was the World Cup, which is widely followed in the media.
BBC World Cup 2010 web site was specifically created a service that is reported about the World Cup and also had a semantic tools that create real-time reporting of the event.
This website is owned more than 700 web pages, equipped with semantic technology, enhanced with a complete ontology (concept map), which are automatically create pages based on the meta data.
It was an impressive demonstration of how a large, mainstream website may be enriched structure, knowledge base, interpretations and facts.


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