Semantic Technologies Into Your Enterprise


Over thirty companies that embody semantic technologies are routinely featured in surveys of the enterprise search landscape. But dozens more contribute semantic software solutions in the broader information marketplace, and they are largely unknown to the average knowledge worker. Because these semantic tools are not familiar to IT and business managers, they are underutilized where opportunities for major enterprise semantic search improvements could be made.

This report will be valuable to readers with a business function that might benefit from semantic tools and those on the front lines for selecting, implementing or depending on (as direct or indirect users) semantic software. Experts and specialists in the field will find it useful for explaining what it is that they need to procure, why it will improve their work results, and how that can impact the bottom line. The focus is better business outcomes for the enterprise by identifying, selecting and implementing the appropriate software for a particular work function in an enterprise. It is not exhaustive but representative of the range of semantic software technologies in use today, including text mining and text analytics, concept and entity extraction, concept analysis, natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, and auto-categorization.

Three major themes govern the body of the report: definitions and background, application information aligning players in the current software landscape with use cases, and guidance for buyers and sellers of semantic software.

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Source: Lynda Moulton, Outsell’s Gilbane Group