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LIVE MATRIX is the guide to scheduled live online events from video concerts to private auctions to gaming contests.Of course, Live Matrix isn’t just about video events – in fact, Spivack says he believes the service now provides the largest and most comprehensive schedule of private sales on the web.

Sanjay Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Live Matrix, said:

The vision begins with a question: It would be incredibly difficult to navigate 1,000 channels on digital television without an interactive program guide to tell you when programming is on, so how can you navigate a ton more "channels," across a lot more than video, on the Web without a guide?
Traditional search engines index the space component of the Web and tell you what is where, while Live Matrix is indexing the time dimension of the Web — by telling you What's When on the Web.
The need for a guide to scheduled online events is obvious and the timing is perfect given the level of broadband penetration, the declining cost of bandwidth, the growth of broadband connected devices and the millions of daily scheduled events online.

Nova Spivack, co-founder and President of Live Matrix, said:

The ‘aha moment’ came when I realized that there are huge numbers of live scheduled events happening online every week, but there is no way to find out about them efficiently.”

The Live Web is quite different from TV. Many live events on the Web are interactive and participatory — for example live chats, sales and auctions, game tournaments, and events in virtual worlds. In order to participate fully, or in some cases, at all, in these events, you have to be there when they start. And this requires a way for people to find out about these events in advance – there needs to be some kind of a schedule of upcoming online events. In addition, some kinds of online events are highly perishable, their content gets less relevant over time -- for example, breaking news, sports highlights, product launches or announcements all get stale after a while — so finding out about them in a timely fashion is imperative. There are also many live online events, such as big online concerts or major sporting events, where sharing the experience with other people is a key element; watching archived recordings of such events after they are over is not the same as attending and Twittering about them live with your friends.

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Posted by: Dejan Petrovic