Viralheat Sentiment API Is Getting 300M Calls Per Week


Viralheat is best known for semantic tools, analytics and social media tools for publishing content, but also offers a free API. Particularly interesting for the API is that it analyzes the sentiment of the public and according to CEO Raj Kadam, Viralheat API began to be extensively used by many organizations, companies and individuals. He said that Viralheat originally wanted to use the API for sentiment analysis of other companies, but was not satisfied with what he saw - all the functionality was based on the detection of key words, instead of using natural language processing to get true meaning of the message or tweet comment. So the company decided to make their own tools for the analysis of public sentiment and the tools available to other companies and an organization through the API. One example, to deal with API commented, "sick" means different things in different contexts, and Viralheat can understand the difference when someone talks about "sick jeans" which has a different meaning than someone saying that the "sick in the hospital."

Now Viralheat says that API using 1500 organizations and developers in industries such as finance and academia, and to handle 300 million calls per week. (Each call is a piece of text, such as a tweet, which is being analyzed.) All this makes the use of sentiment analysis Viralheat smarter because the company could be corrected by the analysis, for example, if the API returns the analysis result of neutral Tweet message, but it turned out that the positive.

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