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DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the web. DBpedia allows us to ask sophisticated queries against huge amount of information from Wikipedia and to link the other datasets on the Web with information from Wikipedia. This will certainly provide new ways of using the encyclopedia, as well as new ways of navigation, linking, and generally improving the encyclopedia. 

DBpedia as a base of knowledge will play a significant role in improving the quality of information on the web, data search and data integration. Today, most knowledge base covers a specific domain, created by small teams of engineers, and the cost of updating and maintaining these databases are high. At the same time, Wikipedia is growing to proportions when it became the largest base of knowledge(man-made) and maintained and updated by thousands of people. DBpedia project uses this great source of knowledge, by making structured information from Wikipedia and allows access via the Web.

Dbpedia knowledge database currently contains 3.5 million items(ontology things), of which 1.67 million are classified in a consistent ontology, which includes 364 thousand people, 462 thousand seats, 99 thousands of music albums, 54 thousands of movies, video games 17 thousand, 148 thousand organizations, 169 thousand animal and plant species and 5200 diseases. DBpedia describes the 3.5 million claims to 97 languages, 1,850,000 links to images and 5.9 million links to other Web pages, 6.5 million external links to other RDF data sets.

Finally we can say that DBpedia, knowledge base has several advantages over other bases: it covers many domains, it is the result of the general (community) agreement, it automatically evolves to the Wikipedia changed and it is really multilingual.

 Applications using DBpedia Knowledge Base can:
 - improving data search
 - Using the Knowledge Base on our web pages
 - applications in mobile and geographically localized applications
 - Automatic document classification, annotation and capture Web pages with Wikipedia's content
 - creating a multi domain ontologies
 - sharing information and knowledge, as the beginning of creating semantic web and linked data ..
 - Support input of a content with suggestions arising as a result of this Knowledge Base

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Posted by: Dejan Petrovic